Search and make a difference

I’m a single mom and, all things considered, I have it pretty darn good. Not all single mothers are so fortunate.

I volunteer for HEARTH, an organization dedicated to helping women and their children become self-sufficient again. These women are single moms, too, but prior to coming to HEARTH had landed in difficult (very often abusive) situations with little or no financial or emotional support. I’ve worked with HEARTH at various events and as a volunteer I coordinate food orders for their food pantry. I will tell you that this place is well-run, and the staff members and volunteer teams are thoughtful and efficient. Most of all, the women who participate in the program are working hard in all aspects of their lives – in their schooling, parenting, and in developing life skills – to get on their feet again.

We all have good causes. Here’s a simple way you can help this one, even if you support others:

There is a search engine powered by Yahoo! called GoodSearch. GoodSearch will make a donation to HEARTH with every search. It doesn’t cost you a thing — the money comes from the advertisers. The more people who use this site, the more money will go to families in need.

Here’s the web site —

Once there, under “Who do you goodsearch for,” type in “Hearth (Pittsburgh, PA)”. Every time you search thereafter HEARTH will appear in that line unless you change it. The search tool bar can be downloaded with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

If you live out of state, consider supporting HEARTH, or you may wish to check out and see if there is a charity you love in your community, too.


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