A step (actually two) closer…

I haven’t written much about my writing since I started this blog. Oh, sure, I’m writing more than ever by having a blog, but I’m happy to report I’ve been making progress with other projects, too. I’m back to work on my novel re-write, which I’ll post more about in the next week. I’m also getting closer to being published.

Yesterday I received a letter – “Congratulations! You are one step closer…” – with a copy of my finalist essay, edited and typeset as it would appear in the Chicken Soup anthology about working mothers. They’re asking for one last sign-off with or without any final, minor changes. I won’t quite believe it until I hold that book in my hand, but I was thrilled to open that letter and to see my words and name in print, like, for real.

Today I received an email from my contact at the parenting site I mentioned in passing two weeks ago. The essay I submitted is “exactly the kind of thing we’re looking for.” He confirmed for me that it’s approved without needing any revisions and will appear on the site at some point after the launch. (I have the current target date, but more on that as we get closer. Keep your fingers crossed it stays on schedule.) He would like me to submit more.

I’m excited, but trying to stick with reality.

Do I expect one or two published essays to make me a best-selling novelist? (Or even to land an agent?)

No. (I wish.)

Do I expect them to change my life the minute they hit the press/web?


Do I think they’re the start of something good?

You better believe it.


4 thoughts on “A step (actually two) closer…

  1. Thanks for your support, guys. I suppose it might seem silly, but I really do believe it is the start of … something! Will keep you posted.

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