It’s almost that time

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of May. Depending on the speed of climate change around here, that means swimsuit season will kick off in as few as 3 weeks.

The season when men are blinded not by my beauty, but by the glare of the sun reflecting off of my pale, pale legs.

The season when I realize that staring at the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalog is not going to make me look like one of The Others* through osmosis.

The season when I need to figure out whether I can stomach another season in my bathing suit (literally) or to buy a new one from Land’s End instead of Victoria’s Secret. A recent post from Suburban Bliss described the psychological effects of this dilemma.

Is it wrong to hope for a cool front?

*While these Others are not those Others on the TV show Lost, they are still to be feared by the rest of us fighting the extra 10 15 20 pounds (it’s more like 30 compared to them) and spider veins. It’s interesting that Wikipedia would describe the TV characters like this:

The Others have been observed to inhabit various locations… The Others are difficult to track; they generally leave minimal footprints and avoid disturbing underbrush. Their appearance is sometimes heralded by strange, barely audible whispering.

Coincidence? I think not. I can almost hear those VS models whispering, “When is dinner? Where the hell is that burger?!”


6 thoughts on “It’s almost that time

  1. I have a drawer full of swimsuits that I cannot hope to wear again, but also cannot throw away.

    Still, it’s not clear that I need a swimsuit anyway. I don’t much like swimming, or even getting wet, and I find I can lounge quite comfortably at poolside while fully clothed.

    In fact, I’m much more comfortable in public when fully clothed, as compared to when I’m clad in bulging lycra.

  2. Susan, I’m with you on the bathing suits and the pale legs. You might want to try a light dose of the self-tanning products, at least on your arms and legs. They work well and are very subtle. They take my legs from scary to not-very-noticeable, which is just fine by me!

    I agree with Cindy. Most of the population would be better off lycra-free (including me)!

  3. Cindy and Judy, I agree that full costume is the safest bet (for both the wearer – me – and perhaps the rest of the world), but I love to swim and be in the water. Having the kids, too, makes it hard to get by without, since we fill our weekends at the pool if possible. I have already pulled out the subtle tanning body lotion…if only I could pull out a few other tricks!

    PS. Swimming laps is one of the best exercises for me (to whip me into shape), but the idea of getting into a bathing suit at the gym, which is right near where I work, is another story. I’m going to break down one of these days. I have to start somewhere…

  4. Hysterical! On my post today, I have the same sort of conundrum. Check out my #8 on the post to see the type of bathing suit that I’m pondering.

    Actually, I just got a bathing suit from Land’s End. They really are great suits. This is the second one that I own.

  5. Lulu, I left a comment on your site, but that photo of the sample bathing suit is priceless. As I said there, it would be Lulu in a mumu!

    The last suit I bought is from Land’s End and I think it’s cute. Likely I’ll buy the next one from them, too. I admit, I like LE, even if you could fit an entire VS tankini into one half of the LE version.

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