Is Susan really the Devil’s Bride?

Of course not. We’re divorced. [Ba-dum-bum. You can catch Susan at her next show at 11.]

This, as you might guess, is a follow-up post to my reflections on eHarmony. Just want to clear up one thing…well, two things:

1) I am not poking fun at the folks who, over the years, have suggested eHarmony as an online dating resource for me. Or the folks who have tried eHarmony and have been happy with the results. eHarmony is a reasonable suggestion, and, as I wrote before, they’re good at marketing the site, so it is top of mind for many people. Hey, it was the first online dating site I tried!

2) I don’t have anything against organized religion per se, even if it isn’t my gig. Many of my friends and family members are devout in their religious beliefs and active in places of worship. I myself find certain elements of it comforting. So, short of you being a zealot, fanatic, or Satan worshipper (say hi to hubby for me), or close-minded and abusive in the name of a religion, I don’t care.

My beef is much more secular and capitalistic: don’t waste my time, energy and $30/month if you’re going to ignore what I’m telling you is and isn’t important to me. It’s fine to use an online dating site to meet people you wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise; I’ve used them before and will probably do it again at some point. But it’s better to expect that you will have to do the “deep” fact finding and screening. No rating scale or database can fully capture the nuances, quirks, prejudices, and passions that make us human. A night out can – especially at Barnes & Noble.

[If I go missing and you see George W. and Pat Robertson high fiving Dr. Neil Clark Warren, you’ll know why and where to find me…]


5 thoughts on “Is Susan really the Devil’s Bride?

  1. Aunt K says:

    Susan, the “family” was together over the weekend and we got to talking….that’s dangerous in its self! Just what are you looking for, and maybe MI is a place to look?? Just a thought. One of your cuz was willing to help you out, she knows lots of MI guys at the state level and hunting level. Think about it and call MMc or any of us. See, family does read your blog! KAS

  2. Aunt K, so I finally made the family discussion topics? Things must be slow up there 🙂 Thanks for the offer, we can discuss offline. I’m looking for something closer to home, to start, and, after The Ex and his obsession with hunting, I’m a little hesitant about more conversations about bucks, points, tracking, and my favorite: “You know, I saw it down by the rock near the stream over the hill below the tree. It was a 10 point, you hear! Ten!”* But we can talk. Thanks for reading…

    *You know this will probably end up as a separate post one of these days!

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