Early Mother’s Day present

My daughter’s class hosted a Mother’s Day Tea yesterday afternoon. I won’t bore you with the details except to say that it made me smile, laugh and cry, all in less than an hour. See, that’s what a mom does when her child greets her at the school entrance and then escorts her back to the classroom, pointing out prized drawings and photos along the way. Or when your child insists on getting a plate of cookies and glass of iced tea for you, rather than the other way around. And, let me tell you, a mom can get really, really dopey when exposed to off-key songs, a homemade class video and a letter like this:

Dear Mom,

You are very special to me. Thank you for being my best mom. You make me happy when we make a good deal. I love it when we have the best times. You are the best!


Drama Girl

I asked DG what she meant by making a good deal. She said that when she was sad or hurt, talking to me always made her feel better.

Yeah, honey, I got a good deal, too.


2 thoughts on “Early Mother’s Day present

  1. Patti says:

    Susan – you should be very grateful for your mother’s day letter that you received from DK. I also attended a tea, courtesy of my son and his 3rd grade class. Along with the tear-making, gushy, ‘best mom’ and ‘I love you’ sentiments, was this line (now famous at parent pick-up) “She makes us laugh all the time when she does her funny burp noises.”

    (Fortunately, school has ended here in FL and I escaped without the principal stopping me to demonstrate my ‘funny burp noises’.

    Oh…the joys of motherhood!

  2. Patti, too funny! Last week my daughter told my mother that I had called her a brat, which is true. I had yelled it at her and her brother in frustration because they were completely ignoring everything I said or asked them to do. Then I immediately backtracked and grumbled something like, “I know I’m really supposed to tell you ‘it really hurts my feelings when you don’t listen to me…but you’re acting like brats so stop’.” Fortunately, my honesty was not something that made it to the video or Mother’s Day cards.

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