Cubicles ‘R Us

Work in Cubeville? Drone of Corporate America?

Then, check out the sites below for a dose of cubicle humor and insights.

Oh, you don’t work at the Cube Farm or the Human Zoo? Well, check out the sites below for a dose of cubicle humor and insights, and then wipe that stupid smirk off your face before I see you.

King of the Cubicle – Danny can get a bit crass for any of you mild-mannered types, but I assure you this is funny, funny stuff. His posts about Disturbing Corporate Venacular, office mates and the speakerphone are worth the visit.

Lulu’s Laundry – Today, Lulu shares her Thursday Thirteen list dedicated to real-life cubicle annoyances. I’ve witnessed or experienced all of these in some form, and I may have committed one or 2 as well. (I’m talking about talking over the cube wall or chomping on a carrot…not the cube stalking or nail clipping.)

Fellow cubies, feel the love. Share the germs. Whatever.


One thought on “Cubicles ‘R Us

  1. I’m certainly a cube-culture kinda guy…but just as I don’t get into “Lost”, “Survivor” or the latest lawyer-du-jour sitcom, I don’t really get into commentary on the phenomenon. Interestingly, though, I work for a global law firm in a site that’s a monument to outsourcing: the site itself, located in Wheeling, WV, is the physical embodiment of the law firm outsourcing jobs from NYC and SF to a lower-cost (but wholy-owned) environment…and my department has been further outsourced, onsite, to another company that does business process “onshore” outsourcing. So, with all those corporate machinations, I don’t really get caught up in cube-farm cultural issues…I’m a phonecall away from SF, NYC, Moscow, Hong Kong, Milan, etc., so my small corner of the corporate universe doesn’t seem quite that small anymore. 🙂

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