Number one, baby!

Late breaking news alert here in the ‘burgh – and it’s not the nightly weather report with a booming voice-over of “Stay tuned for your Severe Storm Alert!” Nope, this evening Pittsburgh resumed its crown as Rand McNally’s America’s Most Livable City, more than 20 years after the original crowning.

I’m not a native, but I’ve always thought this city has good things going for it…these folks agree. It’s certainly not perfect, as Sienna Miller proclaimed last year, but the city has been ranked above San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Rochester, N.Y., Washington, D.C., San Jose-Sunnyvale, Calif., Boston and Madison, Wis.

Pass the tiara over here.


5 thoughts on “Number one, baby!

  1. curt says:

    judging from this, I don’t think rand or mcnally have lived here during our extended 6 month winters — or waited 14 years for the pirates to have a winning season…. 😉

  2. Now, now, Curt. I’m the first to admit the winters and gray days can be a bit trying, but I would contend that Madison has more snow and Seattle’s right up there with us on rainy, gray days. (I also think Boston and NY have had worse hits this winter, too.) To your point, I thought I heard on the radio this a.m. that we scored lowest in the climate category.

    As for the Pirates, we can only hope for the best; they are again showing signs of promise. Just this afternoon I heard fireworks over at PNC Park. 3 in a row against Houston…oh, yeah.

  3. curt says:

    funny — I heard later on that the “places rated almanac” has nothing to do these days with rand, mcnally or anyone else. so much for the 1st part of my comment then.

    as for the 2nd part — while I would appreciate more than the 59 average clear days/year that pittsburgh has, no one has us beat on the many cultural advantages we have for our size — and it’s a pretty nice looking city to boot. pittsburgh is so easily recognizable compared to most.

    as for the pirates — I took my youngest nephew to the game last night for his 11th b-day and, of course, we lost. we couldn’t even get one lousy baserunner til the bottom of the 6th inning. but, hey — they are at least .500 today. still, it’s all about how you finish. we’ll see.

  4. Thanks for the link, Sheri. Go figure because I think environment was one of the criteria for the Places Rated Almanac. (I’m too lazy to look it up.) Of course, we were ranked high b/c of our hospital and healthcare system. Hmmm…is it because they get a lot of practice treating particle problems?

    Well, as my kids would say, Pittsburgh, you rock! Nobody’s perfect all the time.

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