Interesting Pseudonyms

My friend told me the other day he thought the names I use in this blog for my children were interesting choices. Not sure if this meant “Wow, that Susan is awfully clever and my life is enriched because she is my friend!” kind of interesting, or “Gotta hand it to her. She’s really going against the trendy Hollywood baby-naming conventions” kind of thing. (He might mean “interesting” in the way you roll your eyes and make little quote signs with your fingers, like when you talk about your crazy Aunt Zelda’s shopping habits, but he won’t tell.)

Regardless, if you know me, you know my kids’ real, anti-Hollywood, non-Apple or Homer names. If you don’t know me or have short-term memory loss, then T-Rex and Drama Girl will have to do. Besides the more detailed descriptions found elsewhere, here are two recent examples of why the names seem to fit.


The three of us are sitting at the table eating lunch. T-Rex picks up half of his PB&J with his teeth and shakes it. I give him The Look and tell him to stop.

“I’m a T-Rex eating a baby triceratops,” he says through a mouthful of peanut butter.

I smile The Psychiatrists Are Going to Have a Field Day with Us Smile and say, “Um, that’s nice, honey. Why don’t you drink some milk?”

Charming boy. Must take after his father.

Drama Girl

I pick up the kids one night from daycare. Both are running around like lunatics with their cohorts, happy and full of energy. In her excitement, Drama Girl sneezes on my arm and tells me she was sneezing all day at school. Despite her congestion, she starts describing her busy day.

A few minutes later as we’re walking out Drama Girl blurts out, “I’m so upset I could cry!”

I look around. What the hell happened? She was laughing thirty seconds ago, jabbering about school. Mothering alarm bells sound in me. “Why? What’s wrong?!”

“My nose hurts and I don’t want to sneeze any more!” she says, lip trembling, tears in eyes.

Sigh. I pat her head and tell her Children’s Tylenol Cold will make it all better. Can’t blame her, though. Colds stink.

There you have it.

I’m so tired right now I think my eyeballs are going to fall out of my head. Between work, kids, and editing the book a wee bit, this week was more exhausting than trying to follow an episode of Lost (which I do like, BTW). So, good night. More interesting posts to follow…


2 thoughts on “Interesting Pseudonyms

  1. Chris says:

    These are GREAT names! But I must say, you and all of the day care parents did get some great kids. Although the example of Drama Girl at the end of the day is what my mom calls the let down of a day and a way to set free from being so structured all day. LOL Hope Drama Girl is feeling better as colds really do suck!

  2. Chrissie, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think I have great kids (most days) and the names fit. I can definitely appreciate DG’s response that day…sometimes a good cry is all you need. She recovered relatively quickly.

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