“We’re All in This Together”

On my lunch hour today I ventured out into the driving wind to buy tickets to the stage production of Disney’s High School Musical, which is coming here in June. In case you haven’t heard of it or the hit song mentioned above (and you wouldn’t if you don’t have a child between the ages of say 7 and 11), the story is about two students, the jock and the brainiac, who realize they share a love of singing. Despite their friends’ protests, they set their sights on the lead roles in the high school musical, shaking up stereotypes, peer pressure and the fabric of teenage society.

I had no idea I’d end up spending $45 per ticket. Can you say “Holy Gullible Parent, Batman?!” Thank goodness my kids don’t know there is an ice show version – can you say “Holy Licensing Gravy Train!!”

Anyway, after I came back from getting my tickets I learned of the tragedy in Virginia. What happened there is enough to make anyone feel sick, to ask a series of “why’s?” and “how many more of these?” It’s enough to make any parent want to hold their kids close, to keep them safe, even when it seems impossible.

It made me think that maybe I needed to see an innocent, feel-good musical even more than my children.


4 thoughts on ““We’re All in This Together”

  1. I, too, was stunned and saddened by the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Sometimes the actions of others are so difficult to understand. As you said, we can only ask “why?” And what’s most frustrating is that we may never know the answer.

    In a big way, I hope they don’t reveal the killer’s identity. It’s so wrong that, in these situations (I think of Columbine), the deranged person becomes a household name (don’t we all know who Dillon Klebold is?) while the victims fade together.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this, Susan. You are right, we need to hug our kids while we can!

  2. from your description–isn’t HSM just a cleansed version of American Pie? Who says you need fresh and new? I despise the attention on these mass murder events. It’s a stunning event, horrific and all the rest but the endless delving into the shooter’s mind and writings and etc., is too much. Grieve for those involved, but glamorizing this–and the endless coverage does that even if that’s not the intent–is horrific, too. I sound like a head in the sand type, I’m not…I’m really not.

  3. Judy and Kathie, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the VT tragedy. The media coverage is overwhelming, adding to the train-wreck “glamour” of the event – just what the killer wanted. One thing that made me very sad was hearing a national news anchor rattle off the death toll on Monday, comparing it the Columbine and Amish shootings – how the shooting at Columbine was horrible, but “only” killed 13. How 6 died in a one-room Amish schoolhouse, which apparently doesn’t move it into the top 3 ranking. I know it wasn’t meant to come across the way I took it, and maybe I didn’t hear him right.



    Tell that to the survivors and family members.

    Anyway, on a lighter note, I don’t know if HSM is a cleaned up version of American Pie. I’m not sure I want to know if it is?!

  4. Morgan says:

    Hey, I am a smarter version of you with out children who is going to see the on ice version for $20 and it even includes songs from High School Musical 2!!!!

    Don’t worry, “Get your head in the game!”

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