A day of magnet ball, coffee and procrastination

I had a busy day today: a morning on the soccer field, laundry and cleaning, and a visit with a friend over coffee. I planned to work on draft 2 of my novel tonight, but I haven’t. Instead, I’ve been surfing the net, putzing around the house and working on my blog. I only have a few more chapters to get through, and, although I have a finished story and only about 35 pages left to revise, I’ve been stuck. Not stuck as in not-writing-at-all stuck – I’ve written and submitted 1 essay, revised another, and started a blog in the last 2 months – but I can’t seem to get through this last part. Frankly, I need to finish it – if not for the kind people who continue to ask “How’s the book coming along?” – then for my own sanity.

But indulge me and let me get this out of my system. I’ll finish the current and next chapter tomorrow. I swear. I know my writing coaches are watching (and cheering me on).

Today was the start of soccer season – a cold start, but fortunately not snowing as some had predicted. T-Rex is playing for the second time ever, and Drama Girl for the first. In TR’s age group, I like to call the sport magnet ball. If you’ve seen a game with kids under 6 or 7, you know what I’m talking about:  No strategy, players standing on the wrong side of the field, and kids clustered around the ball, moving up and down the field like a giant amoeba. Someone’s always in tears, but there are always lots of grins.

TR’s not a naturally assertive player, or even a particularly skilled one at this point. He seems to spend as much time watching the ball roll past him (followed by the pack) as he does chasing after it. But he had a blast today, flashing us his big toothy grin and a thumbs up every time he ran past (including after he kicked the ball into his own team’s net). At one point TR was doing some wild victory dance, and The Ex said to me, “He may not kick the ball, but he’s good at distracting the other players.”

Drama Girl’s age group, on the other hand, is older and the teams attempt to play certain positions and to pass the ball. To be honest I was a little uncertain of how she would do. Some of her teammates have been playing for a few years already, and, like me, she’s not the most coordinated person. (Let’s just say both of us have been known to walk into walls.) I could see DG was channeling all her energy into playing the best she knew how, and darned if that child wasn’t too bad at playing defense.

Like other sports and activities, it’s true there are overbearing soccer moms and dads in the world; I’ve seen and heard them. Maybe because we’re relatively laid back, or because neither of us were athletically inclined or overly competitive growing up, I’m pretty confident The Ex and I won’t be part of that group. We’ll be proud parents, though, freezing our butts off on Saturday mornings – all to watch for those grins during a little game called magnet ball.


4 thoughts on “A day of magnet ball, coffee and procrastination

  1. Fun post, Susan! I, too, was at my son’s soccer game yesterday. But the older kids play later in the day, so guess what. By then, it was pouring! He was drenched and covered in mud and he loved every minute of it!

    Good luck in completing your edits, Susan! Take it in baby steps, as they say. If you have 35 pages to complete, shoot to get through 5 of them today. Tell youself you’re not going to make it perfect but that you’re going to read through it and make a few changes.

    I promise you that once you dive into it, you’ll become addictively aggressive, like the nucleus of the amoeba on the soccer field, and you’ll finish in no time!

    Keep us posted, Susan! Best!

  2. Hey Susan, hang in there and get that thing done. Your story is awesome. What essay did you submit, where? Sounds like you did a lot of good work.

  3. Kathie – I know. I’ve been inching along since this post. The essay I wrote was for an anthology of stories about/for single mothers. I’ll post in a day or 2 about my progress on the book and other writing projects. Not. enough. time…

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